News Update 15th September

Dates for the Diary

We have a series of events in the upcoming month. See below for details and dates.


Kids’ Bring a Buddy Week

All through next week the Dojo will be open to guests! Invite your school friends come along and join in with the class to see what we do here and have a great time with us. Aiki-Yen will be awarded to students for bringing friend, and since its all week, you’ll be able to bring a new friend each day.


Junior/Cadet Clan Wars

For the month of October we will divide the Juniors and Cadets into differnt ‘Clan’ groups, much like school houses.

During the month students will earn their Clan points by performing great techniques, answering questions, bringing in friends among many other things. But remember this, any bad behaviour, laziness and cheating and you will loose your Clan points.

At the end of the month the members of Clan with the most points will win themselves a great prize and the main achievers of the Clan will be recognised and awarded!

Sensei Mustard

OnThursday the 6th of October Sensei Robert Mustard will be running a class at the Dojo. This is a fanatastic opportunity and not to be missed. Sensei Mustard is a 7th Dan Yoshinkan Sensei and his Aikido is awesome. His lessons are just as valid for begginers as they are for advanced students, and vice-versa, and whatever grade you are you will learn loads and have a great time.

It is only £15.00 to take the class and the class will last for 2 and a half hours, from 18:30 to 21:00.

Out-Door Self Defence

On Friday the 21st of October we are going to run an Out-Door self defence course. This course is free to attend so please bring guests (Family, friends, work colegues etc).

These in-location self defence session are incredibly valuable because they provoke questions that would never be asked in a Dojo self defence class, they help you to get used to applying your Aikido training outside of the Dojo and they break down the barrier caused by ‘I have never done this before’.

Junior/Cadet Aiki-Auction

The Aiki-Auction will take place on Wednesday the 26th of October. To take part in the Auction, students will need to earn themselves Aiki-Yen. Yen will awarded in class for great performance, guts, effort, technique, knowledge, manners the list goes on. In short, for displaying any aspect of Bushido, the students will be rewarded with Aiki-Yen.

Kids’ Halloween Party

On Monday the 28th of October we are holding a Halloween costume party for the Little Dragons and the Junior/Cadets. The theme of the party is Zombie Ninjas Vs Vampire Samurai!Pick you side and come along to wag war on your deadliest enemies.

If you have any questions about any of these events plese call the team on 0115 9856504


Sensei Matt Thurman, Shudokan Black Belt Academy - Aikido Nottingham

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News Update 5th September

Training Focus

The focus for this week is

Monday; Hijiate

Tuesday; Kotegaeshi

Wednesday; Hijishimae

Thursday; Sokumen Iriminage

Friday; Shomen Iriminage

Firday Weapon; Bokken/Shinai

Saturday; Kokyunage/Kokyuho

Saturday Weapon; Jo

Bar Room Brawl

This Friday, thats the 9th, we will be running the Bar Room Brawl. Please bring along friends and family as this is a free self defence course.

The course will be at The Horse and Groom pub on Radford Rd and Northgate. Meet at the pub for 18:15. Not the Dojo!

Holiday Competitons

The deadlines have now closed for both of our Holiday Competitions.

We will announce the winners of the competition during class this Friday.

Peel 2 Save

We are still selling Peel 2 Save cards, and will be able to do so until the 16th of September, so you still have time to make the most of this fantastic offer.

Anti-Bullying Course

Saturday the 10th we are running an anti-bullying course for children and their parents. Guests are more than welcome, so bring along mum and dad, or son and daughter. Class is from 10:30 to 11:30.


“Success is the progressive realization of worthwhile, predetermined, personal goals.”

Paul J. Meyer


See you soon,

Sensei Matt Thurman, Shudokan Black Belt Academy - Aikido Nottingham








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News Update 1st September 7 Achieving Perfection Pt 2

Bar Room Brawl

Next week we will be running our bar room brawl. The session will take place in the function room of the Horse and Groom pub on Northgate and Radford Rd. You can meet us at the Dojo or at the pub, we will be leaving the Dojo at 18:30 sharp.


Holiday Kamai

Time is almost up to bring your Holiday Kamai photos in. The competition closes tomorrow so if you want that prize you know what to do!

Do What You Can Do-Perfectly Pt 2

Seeking perfection without judgement

Begin anew with each class. As you enter, determine to put forth your most sincere effort in every action. Resist the desire to dwell on your mistakes or your accomplishments. The practice will move quickly. Your goal is to stay in the moment. Recognize your strengths, but correct your errors, no matter how small they might be. Move from moment to moment with the same watchfulness. But, here is the key, don’t judge. Simply correct mistakes without feeling disappointment or frustration. Practice with this attitude, and your awareness and sensitivity will increase. Be patient. Doing everything that you can do, perfectly, might be difficult in the beginning. It’s a good idea to pick five or six techniques, and perform them with this conscious intention. Although the techniques might need physical improvement, which will come through countless repetitions, your effort can always be sincere. In the process, you will be developing muscle memory, making repeated actions a habit, and soon without thinking, you will just automatically perform the technique correctly. When these become habits, pick others to work on.

Transformation not rationalization

By applying this principle every day, without a doubt, we can raise every aspect of our lives to a higher level. What if each of us decided to discard old habits of making excuses and rationalizing less than perfect behavior? Instead, we consciously determine that in each and every moment, we will do everything that we are capable of doing as perfectly as possible.

In the life of a sincere martial artist, a moment comes when he realizes that practice is actually an opportunity to be mindful, and a time to exercise accountability for his action. When this happens, martial arts practice surpasses the mere physical level of punching and kicking, throwing and grappling. It becomes a discipline of mind and body. It becomes an act in mindfulness … a lesson!


Look forward to working with you soon,

Sensei Matt Thurman, Shudokan Black Belt Academy - Aikido Nottingham

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News Update 18th August

Junior/Cadet Summer School

The Junior/Cadet Summer School was great fun. A big thank you to everyone who came along and helped make this event possible. We covered loads of topics from flipping to sword work and even making up and filming fight scenes.

We’ve got loads of ideas for next year’s Summer School so keep your eyes peeled and ears open for news.

Back to School

Give your child a confidence boost before the new school year starts. Going back to school can be a nerve-wracking experience so the ability to walk tall and act with confidence is not to be underestimated.

By using our system of recognising achievement and setting goals we make confidence a skill that effortlessly trained and honed.

Peel 2 Save

We are still a long way off achieving our target of raising £2,000 for Clic Sargent by selling Peel 2 Save discount voucher cards. Each card contains 64 vouchers and at £10 a card will pay for itself in just 1 use. There is a potential savings of £300 with these cards so if you go out in town or would like to go out more then you really cannot afford to be without one of these cards.

“Don’t put a limit on anything. The more you dream the farther you get.”

Michael Phelps


See you on the mat

Sensei Matt Thurman
Shudokan Black Belt Academy – Aikido Nottingham

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News Update 15th August.

Focus for the week.

The focus for the week is curriculum training. This week’s weapons will be Jo on Friday and Bokken/Shinai on Saturday.

New Team Member

Today we officially welcome our newest addition to the Shudokan Team. We’re all very excited to have another instructor in the building, Sensei Wayne Thomas will be joining us as a full time instructor so everyone be friendly and play nice.

Bar Room Brawl.

The big fight is drawing ever closer. On Friday 9th of September we will be running a self defence course at the Horse and Groom pub on Radford Rd. Self defence training is an invaluable exercise and these courses are opportunities that should not be missed.

Junior/Cadet Holiday competitions.

Holiday Kamai.

To enter the competition all you need to do is get someone to take a photo of you standing in kamai, bring it in to the Dojo and give it to one of the Sensei. We need all the photos by the 4th of September and the winner will become the proud owner of an awesome prize.

Peel 2 Save.

Here at the dojo we are trying to raise money for Clic Sargent, to do this we are selling discount voucher cards called ‘Peel 2 Save’. The competition is this;

We are offering a complete weapon set (A Bokken, Jo, Tanto and weapon bag) to the student who can take the most orders from friends and family for Peel 2 Save cards. We are handing out order forms on the front desk and all requests must be recorded on the form. The cause is true, the prize fantastic so what are you waiting for? Come and grab an order form today.



“Success is the ability to go from one failure to another with no loss of enthusiasm.”

Winston Churchill

See you soon,

Sensei Matt Thurman, Shudokan Black Belt Academy – Aikido Nottingham


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Peel2Save is in dojo now

Training focus week commencing 8th Aug

Monday - Hijishimae

Tuesday - Sokumen Iriminage

Wednesday - Ikkajo

Thursday - Nikkajo

Friday - Sankajo followed by Bokken

Saturday - Kotegaeshi followed by Jo

During each class this week we will also be doing a little more Summer School consolidation.


Peel 2 Save in the Dojo Now

Please do what you can to help us raise £2000 for clic Sergeant. This body does some very good work helping children with cancer, clic sergeant has no government funding at all, the NEED our help. I would ask to please give generously but actually in buying a peel2save card you will be saving far more than you will be spending so please do purchase a card. There are some great offers on the card that you can take advantage of.

To raise £2000 we need to sell 400 cards so we will have to try to reach people outside of the dojo. Please purchase a card and show it to friends and family and ask if they would like to take advantave of one while contributing to a great cause.


To sensei Tom and Kate who were married in Cardiff yesterday. The wedding was amazing - have a great honeymoon.

50+ Martial Arts

Planning to run the first class on Tuesday 6th Sep at 13.00. Classes will also be held on Thursday at 13.00 and Friday at 6.30 in the downstairs dojo. We already have a number of people training who are over 50 like ermmmm………. me!! This class is not really for you, unless you want to of course. This class will have no punching rolling or falling, its a completely safe way for more mature students to remain active in mind and body. If you know of anyone who may benefit from this class please help spread the word, speak to parents or grandparents, it would be great to get this class off to a flying start.


Happiest are the people who give the most happiness to others.

Dennis Diderot.



See you on the mat

Sensei Ken - Shudokan Black Belt Academy - Aikido Nottingham

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SHUDOKAN proud sponsor of charity fund raising card

Proud sponsor

The Shudokan Black Belt Academy is pleased to announce that we are the proud sponsor of “Peel2Save charity fund raising card. This card will be sold in Nottingham to raise funds for all kinds of charities and local good causes. The cards cost £10.00 of which £5.00 is donated direct to any nominated charity or good cause. The reason the card is so attractive is because of the FANTASTIC offers local restaurants and businesses have made on the card. The card is credit card size and fits in your wallet, so it can always be with you, and on the inside are 64 redeemable stickers with a value of around £350.00.

If you are going into Nottingham city and there is a chance you may eat you CANT AFFORD not to have a card.

The dojo will start selling the cards as of Monday 8th Aug to raise funds for Clic Sargent (a charity that looks after children with cancer) Our aim is to raise £2000.00 in three weeks. So please come and purchase one, or two, and tell friends and family I am sure they would want to benefit as well.



Offer 1 - BOGOF Chicken Royal, Bacon double cheeseburger

Offer 2 - BOGOF Chicken Royal, Bacon double cheeseburger

Offer 3 - FREE fries and drink with any adult meal

Offer 4 - FREE fries and drink with any adult meal

Frankie and Bennys

Offer 1 - 20% off food bill

Offer 2 - 20% off food bill

Offer 3 - 20% off food bill

Offer 4 - 20% off food bill

Pizza Express

Offer 1 - Starter and main £10.00

Offer 2 - Starter and main £10.00

Offer 3 - FREE desert with every main meal

Offer 4 - FREE desert with every main meal


Offer 1 - 10% discount on medium and large drinks and food

Offer 2 - 10% discount on medium and large drinks and food

Offer 3 - 10% discount on medium and large drinks and food

Offer 4 - 10% discount on medium and large drinks and food


Offer 1 - All you can eat £5.00 Pizza Pasta Salad buffet Mon - Fri 11.30 - 15.00

Offer 2 - £5.00 happy hour. Regular pizza garlic bread or wedges, drinks and salad, Mon - Fri 15.00 - 17.00

Offer 3 - BOGOF excluding buffet and happy hour

Offer 4 - FREE individual cookie dough per main ordered, excluding happy hour


Offer 1 - Fillet and fries £1.99

Offer 2 - Toaster twister and fries £1.99

Offer 3 - Regular popcorn and fries £1.99

Offer 4 - 10 piece bargain bucket £7.99


Offer 1 - 5 wings free when you spend £5.00

Offer 2 - 5 wings free when you spend £5.00

Offer 3 - 5 wings free when you spend £5.00

Offer 4 - 5 wings free when you spend £5.00


Offer 1 - 2 for 1 on main meals

Offer 2 - 2 for 1 on main meals

Offer 3 - 25% off food bill

Offer 4 - FREE starter or desert

Las Iguanas

Offer 1 - 2 for 1 tortilla dish Sun - Thurs

Offer 2 - 2 for 1 lunch Meals Sun - Thurs

Offer 3 - 20% off food bill Sun - Thurs


Offer 1 - 2 for 1 main course excluding Fri and Sat

Offer 2 - 2 for 1 main course excluding Fri and Sat

Offer 3 - 2 for 1 main course excluding Fri and Sat


Offer 1 - 20% off food bill Mon - Thurs

Offer 2 - 20% off food bill Mon - Thurs

Offer 3 - 20% off food bill Mon - Thurs

Flaming Dragon

Offer 1 - 10% off adult food Mon - Thurs Excluding Dec and bank Holidays

Offer 2 - 10% off adult food Mon - Thurs Excluding Dec and bank Holidays

Offer 3 - 10% off adult food Mon - Thurs Excluding Dec and bank Holidays


Offer 1 - FREE bottle of wine when you spend over £30.00

Offer 2 - FREE bottle of wine when you spend over £30.00


Offer 1 - 15% off food bill excluding Sat

Offer 2 - 15% off food bill excluding Sat


Offer 1 - BOGOF Sun 6.00 pm - Fri 12.00pm

Offer 2 - BOGOF Sun 6.00 pm - Fri 12.00pm


Offer 1 - 15% off food bill excluding Sat

Offer 2 - 15% off food bill excluding Sat

Millies Cookies

Offer 1 - Buy 12 get 12 FREE

Offer 2 - Buy 6 get 6 FREE


Offer 1 - Add a flavour free when you buy Orio Milkshake


Offer 1 - 3 for 2


Offer 1 - 10% discount

Offer 2 - 10% discount

Offer 3 - 10% discount


Offer 1 - 15% off everything in store

Offer 2 - £5.00 off when you spend £25.00 or more

Nottingham Cars

Offer 1 - 10% off fare

Carpet cleaning

Offer 1 - 25% off carpet cleaning

Shudokan Black Belt Academy

Offer 1 - 50% off your first months fees

Terms and conditions apply


Our target for Clic Sargent is £2000 so we need to sell 400 cards. Please tell friends and family and we can make this happen. Cards on sale on Monday 8th August from reception.


Sensei Ken Robson Shudokan Black Belt Academy - Aikido Nottingham







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Post Summer school update

Summer School

This was No 18 and I have to say it was by far the best. The venue was much better, thanks to Sensei Phil Musson, and our guests were on top form. The date for next year will be around mid June so as not to clash with the Olympics, as soon as I have a date I will publish it. A BIG thanks you to all who supported the Summer School, without you events like this are not possible.

Training focus

The training focus for this week is:-

Monday - Sokumen Iriminage

Tuesday - Shihonage/Tenchinage

Wednesday - Sankajo

Thursday - Kotegaeshi

Friday - Hijiate followed by Jo

Saturday - Iriminage followed by Bokken


“Weakness of attitude becomes weakness of character.”

Albert Einstein


See you on the mat

Sensei Ken Robson - Shudokan Black Belt Academy - Aikido Nottingham





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News Update 21st July

Summer School 2011

Summer School 2011 will start on Thursday 28th July and run to Sunday 31st July. See below for the schedule.

Thursday 9:30 to 17:00 followed by the Black Belt tests and then to the Pub!

Friday 9:30 to 17:00

Saturday 9:30 to 17:00 course photos will be taken during the lunch break and we’re all going to the Horse and Groom Pub for a meal.

Sunday 9:30 to 16:00 followed by any necessary tidy up, volunteers welcome.

Juniors’ Thermopylae Day

On the 11th of August we are going to re-enact the legendary battle of Thermopylae. This even will consist of two parts; the battle and a training session.

The Training will take place on the 4th of August and we will have an expert in historic hand-to-hand warfare come in and teach the children about the tactics of sword and shield fighting as well as a history lesson.

A New Staff Member

Our team continues to grow with the addition of another instructor. We are very excited to say that Sensei Wayne Thomas will be joining the team from mid August. Good luck Wayne!

Junior and Dragon Summer School

Junior Summer school will be taking place on Tuesday the 16th and Thursday the 18th of August from 10:00 to 15:00.

The Dragon Summer School will be on Wednesday the 17th from 10:00 to 15:00.

The classes will be at the Dojo so don’t worry about trying to find us somewhere new. We have lots of fun things lined up for the days so drop everything and come along!

Junior and Dragon Community Project

On the 27th of August we will be taking part in a community project to help tidy up Bestwood Park. This will be a special event that will include outdoor weapons training for the kids and a group picnic. As a reward for taking part and showing their spirit to help others all students who participated will be presented with a special badge to attach to their Gi.


Sensei Matt Thurman Shudokan Black Belt Academy - Aikido Nottingham

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Summer School just over a week away

Focus for the week

Training focus for this week is curriculum. Testing starts on Monday 25th but due to summer school we only have 3 days of testing as the dojo will be closed on Thurs Fri and Sat. So do what it takes to get the black tags you need. The Friday weapons half hour is Jo with bokken on Saturday.

Summer School

The schedule has yet to be agreed with our guests but broadly speaking will be starting at 9:00am (this may slip to 9:30 am) and we will do 3 x 1 hour lessons in the morning and same again in the afternoon. Black Belt testing will take place Thursday the time has yet to be confirmed. On the social side of things we may have some celebrations on Thursday evening and on Saturday we will have the summer school party. This is being held at the horse and groom pub on Northgate, maps will be provided. We still have a few places available so DONT HESITATE book now.


“One who fears failure limits his activities. Failure is only the opportunity to more intelligently begin again.”

Henry Ford


See you on the mat

Sensei Ken Shudokan Black Belt Academy - Aikido Nottinghyam

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