News Update 18 Oct 10

Curriculum week

The lesson plans this week focus on curriculum practice in preparation for tagging and belt promotions next week. Make sure you hit 8 black tags to enable you to test next week. Take catch up classes if you need to just make sure you hit 8 black tags.


Great attendance last week, we had the second busiest week ever. Missing a record by just 5 people. Let’s see if we can make this week the best ever.

Getting out of a habit

It takes just two weeks to get out of a good habit, and can take as long as two months to get into a good one. More often than not this is how it happens. You miss a week or so training for a legitimate reason. After two weeks off we find it easier to look for an excuse than to attend. We dress the excuse up as a legitimate reason to absolve ourselves from not meeting our training objective. At this point you will have had some communication from the dojo and you may be feeling a little guilty. Easier to do nothing about it than to address the matter. By now a month or so has gone by, we are still sending communications out but they go unanswered. The longer this goes on the harder it will be to return, maybe the guilt grows and even turns to embarrassment. Now hope is all but lost.

The alternative…… Just walk through the door. We will always be delighted to see you no matter how long you have had off. By the time you finish your lesson you will be pleased that you came.

People of accomplishment don’t make excuses, they are honest with themselves and they get things done. A mush better way to be.

Outdoor Self Defence Training 

Friday 22nd Oct meet at the dojo for around 6.15. We will make our way to the Garths Gym area for the outdoor self defence seminar. Wear appropriate clothing; it will go ahead regardless of the weather. This is a very valuable seminar that shows things in a very different light, it’s nothing like practicing in the dojo. A curriculum class will be available in the dojo for those who don’t want to go outdoors.

Social event

Friday 22nd Oct after the self defence training we will make our way to the Chestnut Pub for a social.

Sensei Mustard Seminar

To secure your place on this seminar you need to pay the £10.00 fee. I only have 17 fees paid although I have 25 names. The first 30 people to pay the fee will get a place, so 13 places left on a first pay first served basis. Next year Mustard Sensei is running a special course for only 20 people and the cost is £200.00 per head. I am giving this to you for £10.00 so don’t waste this opportunity.


“The very fact that you fear something is solid evidence that it’s not happening.”

Gavin De Becker


See you on the mat

Sensei Ken

Shudokan Black Belt Academy - Aikido Nottingham

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