News update 11 Oct 2010

Out-door Self defence seminar

Fri 22nd Oct meeting at the Dojo at 6.15 for out-door self defence training. The last time we did this it was very well received I encourage you to get there. The seminar is free and is open to friends and family. Cadets may attend with parental permission. The location will be behind Garths Gym which is just a short walk from the dojo. This promises to be an “eye-opener” and offers you a perspective that you can not get training in the dojo.

Dojo Social

Next dojo social is planned for Fri 22nd Oct after the out-door self defence seminar. Meet at the Chestnut around 8:00pm ish. All welcome friends and family.

Mustard Sensei

Still places for the Mustard Sensei seminar on 28th of Oct. The seminar will take place in the upstairs Dojo. Normal classes will still be available on the downstairs dojo. Mustard Sensei will be running a seminar in the UK next year with limited attendance and the cost will be £200 for the seminar. He is doing this seminar for me at a cost of £10 per head so please take advantage of this. We currently only have 16 people attending with 14 places still available.

Junior Halloween Party

The Halloween party for Dragons and Juniors is scheduled for 29th Oct, during normal class time. Its fancy dress and bring a friend. Look out for invites and posters in the dojo.

Clubmark - Spotlight

Clubmark has done a spotlight on one of our instructors from our Preston Dojo, well done Jayne.

There is no mandatory regulation placed on Martial Arts tuition in the UK. As such the quality of tuition and the standard of service can vary widely. Often poor service is tolerated simply because people dont know any different. Self appointed chief instructors and masters have free range to do as they wish. Recognition by foreign bodies is absolutely no guarantee of the standards and quality on offer, or that systems are in place to ensure the welfare and safety of students.

CLUB MARK Accreditation guarantees stringent standards have both been met and maintained. Standards set and recognised by SPORT ENGLAND. Be sure your children are in the right hands; be sure you make the right choice. Let CLUB MARK choose for you


“The only difference between successful people and unsuccessful people is extraordinary determination.”

Mary Kay Ash

Sensei Ken

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