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Life skills training- Mat chats - Dragons and Juniors

In the month of October we will be discussing the following topics with the students to teach them about qualities we can all develop in order to lead happy and successful lives.

 WEEK 1. CONFIDENCE. This week we will be discussing the importance of self assurance and having the belief in your ability to succeed. We will also discuss the meaning of having confidence and trust in others to do right and act in a proper and reliable manner.

WEEK 2. DISCIPLINE.  This week we will be discussing the importance of learning to behave in an acceptable, calm and controlled manner. We will also discuss how we all have the ability to develop our self-control to change behaviour, learn something new or train for something.

WEEK 3. LOYALTY. This week we will be discussing with the students the importance of staying positive about, and showing a mutual respect for, somebody or something we feel attached to. We will also discuss how this can lead to acts of humility and devotion, particularly with regard to duties in Japanese Aikido Dojos and the meaning of ‘Samurai’.

 WEEK 4. HONESTY. Our last discussion of the month will examine the qualities of being fair, truthful, and morally upstanding. We will also discuss situations involving other people who may try to influence our honesty in a negative way and strategies we can employ to maintain our integrity and resolve the situation in a positive way.

We encourage you to discuss these themes with your child often. This will, of course, help to solidify these ideas into their memory bank and allow them to more fully utilise these themes into their lives.

Parachute Jump

Tomorrow is the day but sadly the weather forecast is not good so keep your fingers crossed. If the jump is postponed we will be looking at a date in April.

New Staff

Sensei Jo and I are back from a short break and also sempai Matt Thurman is joining the team today so we are back up to full strength. A big thanks to Sensei Rachel and JT and sempai Cassius for helping out while we were away.


Sensei Ken

Shudokan Black Belt Academy - Aikido Nottingham

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