Stop Press -Black Belt Test

I would like to aknowledge Tom Wade today who with very little notice was called forward to take his Shodan Test. This is very unusual as normally students have plenty of time to prepare for such a taxing event. However Tom is leaving us today to go to university for which we all wish him well, he will of course be returning from time to time during holiday periods.

It was accepted that Tom would leave as 1st Kyu Brown and he would then train on an opportunity basis to eventually test to Shodan at some point in the future. About a week ago after watching Tom in class, I thought he may have a chance to perform at the high standard we require for Shodan. I was not certain if we had time but I gave him the chance. Displaying the kind of spirit I expect of Black Belts Tom seized the opportunity and went for it. Since then he has trained every opportunity he has had, and he has worked very hard at it. Note for Sensei Tom Gutteridge at last night’s class, Good job working Tom Wade, he found it very tough but it had the desired effect.

Tom has been with us since he was a junior and today I was very proud of the standard that he produced. I want to publicly acknowledge that here, as given the late notice of the test we did not have the customary crowd of fellow students in support.

 Great job Tom, very well done, good luck at university although you won’t need it, and we look forward to seeing you back on the mat at Christmas.


Sensei Ken

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  1. Bruce

    Awesome work Tom. Congratulations to you. Look forward to seeing you in a Hakama!! You just gotta learn to iron it now!!! Osu.

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