Please could you check that your insurance is up to date. We have a requirement to ensure that all our students have Martial Arts Insurance through the British Aikido Board. If yours has lapsed we will send you a text reminder. Please could you address the matter as soon as possible. 


We are populating  lists in the dojo for Summer School 28 -31 Jul 2011. The British Aikido Board national course 9th Oct 2010, there is an attendance cost to that please see the BAB link for more details. The fire-walk 19th Of November 2010 and the Mustard seminar to be held at the dojo on the evening of 28th of October. Please speak at reception if you would like to attend any of these events. 


If anyone is interested in some part time hours working at the dojo please let me or sensei Jo know. 

Shudokan Aikido


Sensei Ken

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