News Update Monday 8th August

Training Focus

Hi all, this week is week two of the month. Here is the training focus for this week’s classes.

Monday: Shihonage & Ukemi

Tuesday: Nikkajo & Dynamic

Wednesday: Hijiate & Jo

Thursday: Tenshinage & Tanto

Friday: Kotegaeshi & Self Defence

Saturday: Shomen Iriminage & Sword


A big congratulations to Phil Yates and Sean Anderson who both graded to their Adult Shodan and to Mckai who graded to his Cadet Shodan. All three did a sterling job and have made the school very proud!


Board Break

Thursday 18th, 19:30. We are taking names for this quarter’s motivational board break class, if you have not yet completed one of our board breaks or firewalks you NEED to be here.

Quote of the Week

“A person who never made a mistake never tried anything new.”

Albert Einstein


Sensei Matt Thurman – Aikido Nottingham

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