News Update Monday 3rd July

Training Focus

Well done to everyone who graded last month! Here is the training  focus for this week’s classes

Monday: Hijiate & Dynamic

Tuesday: Shihonage & Jo

Wednesday: Nikkajo & Tanto

Thursday: Sankajo & Self Defence

Friday: Tenshinage & Sword

Saturday: Yonkajo & Ukemi

Dates & Events

Painting Party

Saturday 15th July.

Starting at 13:45, grab a brush and a roller and help us pretty up the Dojo.

Black Belt Tests

Saturday 22nd July.

Kick off is at 13:45 sharp, We have Juniors and Adults grading for their next black belt promotions, including a HIGH level Adult test.

Summer School

Saturday 29th - Sunday 30th July.

Regardless of grade this is an event not to be missed! Two solid days of training with all our teachers, plus Sensei John Russell. Throw yourself in the deep end and have a great time!

Mat Chat

Here are the topics for this month’s life skills talks.


Sensei Matt Thurman – Aikido Nottingham

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