News Update Monday 30th November


to everyone who earned their Black Belt promotions on Saturday! You all did a great job and we’re very proud of you all.

Training Focus

Here is the training focus for this weeks Adult classes.

Monday: Ikkajo & Tanto

Tuesday: Nikkajo & Self Defence

Wednesday: Sankajo & Sword

Thursday: Yonkajo & Ukemi

Friday: Shihonage & Dynamic

Saturday: Sokkumen Iriminage & Jo

Kids’ Life Skills Education

Check out the video for a brief look at what we will be talking to the kids about in the ‘Life Skills’ section of our classes.

Kid’s Testing Module

This Month our Dragons, Juniors and Cadets will be tested on Module 3 of their curriculum. Check out the videos to see exactly what your child should be practicing.

Juniors & Cadets

Little Dragons

Motivational Thought for the Day

“This thing that we call ‘failure’ is not the falling down, but the staying down.

Mary Pickford


Sensei Matt Thurman – Aikido Nottingham

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