News Update 22nd August

Training Focus

The training focus for the week is curriculum and testing.If you still need tags then do what it takes to get through the door.

Summer Competitions

Clic Sargent competion

Only ten days left to get your Peel 2 Save orders in. We will need your completed order form to enter you into the competition so make sure you get in filled in and handed in to us as soon as possible.

The winning Junior or Cadet will be able to claim a complete weapon set (A bokken, jo tanto and bag) as their prize.

The winning Little Dragon will get to walk away with the noble Sensei Bear, the Aiki-Teddy.

Holiday Kamai

Time is also running out to submit your Holiday Kamai photos. Photos must be handed in by Saturday 3rd September to enter the prize draw.

“The main thing is to keep the main thing the main thing.”

Steven Covey


See you on the mat,

Sensei Matt Thurman Shudokan Black Belt Academy - Aikido Nottingham 


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