News Update 30th August

Focus for the week

The training focus for this week is as follows

Tuesday; Nikkajo

Wednesday; Sankajo

Thursday; Yonkajo

Friday; Shihonage/Tenchinage & Jo

Saturday; Kotegaeshi & Bokken

Peel 2 Save

There are only 2 days left to submit your Peel 2 Save order forms if you want to enter the competition. Don’t miss the deadline.



“The only thing complaining does is to convince other people you are not in control and that you let less than positive circumstances control your mood and outlook.”

Author Unknown


See you on the mat,

Sensei Matt Thurman, Shudokan Black Belt Academy - Aikido Nottingham

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Peel2Save is in dojo now

Training focus week commencing 8th Aug

Monday - Hijishimae

Tuesday - Sokumen Iriminage

Wednesday - Ikkajo

Thursday - Nikkajo

Friday - Sankajo followed by Bokken

Saturday - Kotegaeshi followed by Jo

During each class this week we will also be doing a little more Summer School consolidation.


Peel 2 Save in the Dojo Now

Please do what you can to help us raise £2000 for clic Sergeant. This body does some very good work helping children with cancer, clic sergeant has no government funding at all, the NEED our help. I would ask to please give generously but actually in buying a peel2save card you will be saving far more than you will be spending so please do purchase a card. There are some great offers on the card that you can take advantage of.

To raise £2000 we need to sell 400 cards so we will have to try to reach people outside of the dojo. Please purchase a card and show it to friends and family and ask if they would like to take advantave of one while contributing to a great cause.


To sensei Tom and Kate who were married in Cardiff yesterday. The wedding was amazing - have a great honeymoon.

50+ Martial Arts

Planning to run the first class on Tuesday 6th Sep at 13.00. Classes will also be held on Thursday at 13.00 and Friday at 6.30 in the downstairs dojo. We already have a number of people training who are over 50 like ermmmm………. me!! This class is not really for you, unless you want to of course. This class will have no punching rolling or falling, its a completely safe way for more mature students to remain active in mind and body. If you know of anyone who may benefit from this class please help spread the word, speak to parents or grandparents, it would be great to get this class off to a flying start.


Happiest are the people who give the most happiness to others.

Dennis Diderot.



See you on the mat

Sensei Ken - Shudokan Black Belt Academy - Aikido Nottingham

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News Update 4th August and Advice on Breaking Through Your Limitations

Battle Re-Enactment Training Day

Today is the day we train our Juniors and Cadets in the art of war! All being well and weather permiting the battle will take place on Thursday 11th August at Bestwood Park.

After training today the Students will be given some materials to take home and use make themselves their own shield for the big day.

We will also set some homework for the Students, asking them to write a short essay, about half a side of A4, on The Spartans, their way of life and the sprirt of a warrior. Essays that meet all 3 points will earn the writer the Heritage Badge.

Breaking Through Your Limitations

A wise phrase reads, “No one who has led a life of ease has a name worth remembering.” The lives of some of the most remarkable martial artists are woven with stories of great personal struggle. One of the qualities they all shared was relentless enthusiasm and optimism. We can all admire and learn from their unwavering positive attitudes. I don’t mean that we should adopt a “Pollyanna” attitude, and claim that the glass is half full when it is really empty. Instead, like these great martial artists, we could all benefit during our difficult moments, if we remember that, “this too shall pass.”

Control your reactions

Life always contains cycles of good times and bad. During either period, we only have control over one thing— our own behaviour—specifically, our reaction. Realizing this truth, great martial artists choose to develop habits, which lead them in the directions they wish to go. Once they determine their path, they stay diligent in their disciplines and choices. Everyone has heard the phrase, “attitude is everything,” but nothing sums up this concept as succinctly as the Japanese phrase, “Kaizen.” More than just a word, Kaizen represents a philosophy of commitment. The person makes a resolution to never stop improving.

Use your practice as a tool for disciplining and developing your body, as well as a means to building a strong and powerful attitude.

Seize every opportunity

A person with a weak will might hear about constant never-ending improvement and immediately think, “Nothing will ever be good enough. No matter how hard I try, I will always have to improve.” This same idea would have the opposite effect on an optimistic and enthusiastic martial artist. He understands the philosophy as an opportunity to continuously grow and strive for his fullest potential. He doesn’t judge or get frustrated by errors. Optimists correct and improve their behaviour, and perceive this as an opportunity. Pessimists see this same act, as proof that they are failing.


See you on the mat soon,

Sensei Matt Thurman Shudokan Black Belt Academy - Aikido Nottingham

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