News update 25 Oct 2010

Outdoor Self Defence & Social

A very valuable lesson and well attended, thanks to those who supported the class. Over the coming months we will be working on the defence drills you saw. Good to see the social well attended, for a select few I think things went on until around 2.00am.

Mustard Sensei

This Thursday a 6.30 start for 2 1/2 hours. Still 8 places left on a first come first served basis. Please don’t waste this opportunity.

Ladies Safety and Awareness

Our usual winter Ladies Safety and Awareness course is open to all and is scheduled for Tue 9th Nov. Guys your welcome to attend as well, after all the ladies need people to practice on. The seminar will start at 6.30 and run for 2 hours.


I have had some very positive feedback from the BAB national course on the standard we displayed. The quality of Shudokan Aikido is indeed world class and I for one am very proud of what we have achieved and very happy with the standards our students display.

Fire walk

Fire walk for clic sergent on 19 Nov. Cost £10.00 visit  Tell everyone you can we want as many people walking as possible. Training starts at 6.30 for an 8.00 walk.

Black Belt Testing

Scheduled for Sat 27th of November, it will be a privilege to watch these students demonstrate all their hard work and focus over the past few years.  If you watch a Black Belt (Shodan) grading, you are literally watching someone achieve a life dream. It’s an event that can inspire you to achieve your own, no matter what that may be.

If you’re not sure what your dreams are, it’s a great time to think about it as we come up to the New Year.    Instead of just “giving up” something like smoking or sugar in your tea for example, this year why not be more proactive?  What do you hope for? What do you really want out of life? How and what will you do to achieve it?

People don’t get black belts by “giving up”. They get them through “getting up” after a fall and “rising up” to any challenge.   This is the spirit of the black belt, and one which all our hopes and expectations could benefit from if we choose to not only start, but also finish the coming New Year with it.  


“Pretend to be the person you want to be. One day you’ll realize you are no longer pretending.”

Author Unknown


See you on the mat

Sensei Ken

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Stop Press -Black Belt Test

I would like to aknowledge Tom Wade today who with very little notice was called forward to take his Shodan Test. This is very unusual as normally students have plenty of time to prepare for such a taxing event. However Tom is leaving us today to go to university for which we all wish him well, he will of course be returning from time to time during holiday periods.

It was accepted that Tom would leave as 1st Kyu Brown and he would then train on an opportunity basis to eventually test to Shodan at some point in the future. About a week ago after watching Tom in class, I thought he may have a chance to perform at the high standard we require for Shodan. I was not certain if we had time but I gave him the chance. Displaying the kind of spirit I expect of Black Belts Tom seized the opportunity and went for it. Since then he has trained every opportunity he has had, and he has worked very hard at it. Note for Sensei Tom Gutteridge at last night’s class, Good job working Tom Wade, he found it very tough but it had the desired effect.

Tom has been with us since he was a junior and today I was very proud of the standard that he produced. I want to publicly acknowledge that here, as given the late notice of the test we did not have the customary crowd of fellow students in support.

 Great job Tom, very well done, good luck at university although you won’t need it, and we look forward to seeing you back on the mat at Christmas.


Sensei Ken

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Moving into Sep and Junior mat chats

British Aikido Board National Course

I will be teaching at this event along with 4 other senior instructors from various different styles of Aikido. Please support the event and lets show everyone the quality of  Shudokan Aikido.

Sat 9th October 9:30 - 15:45 at Brunel University, Sports Centre, Kingstone Road, Uxbridge UB8 3PH



Meet at the Chestnut pub after training, around 8.30 ish



This years firewalk is being held on Fri 19th Nov at the dojo, meet at 6.00pm for a 6.30 start. Bring EVERYONE you know (minors need to have a parent in attendance who is also walking). Not sure about the minimum age then talk to me. Cost is a minimum donation of £10 per head going to Clik Seargent ( charity for kids with cancer) List is open give your name, and donation at reception.



We will be open on Sat 28th as normal but closed on Mon 31st, open again on Tuesday 1st Sep.

Nice little quote to end my bit, by “unknown”



See you on the mat

Sensei Ken


Junior Mat Chats for September

Life skills training

Dear parent/carer


In the month of September we are discussing the following topics with the children to help then get back into the routine of school, and for some, to help them cope with starting a new school.

WEEK 1.         BACK TO SCHOOL/NEW SCHOOL. This week we discuss the importance of establishing positive routines, setting new goals and re-establishing contact with old friends. For those who are starting new schools we encourage that change should be looked upon as an exciting experience that provides us with new opportunities.

WEEK 2.        MAKING NEW FRIENDS. This week we talk about the importance of extending friendship to people who are new to our school. We also discuss how to go about building relationships with the RIGHT people if we are the ones that find ourselves in a new environment. Confidence is a major focus for this week to make it easier for our children to make new friends.

WEEK 3.        BULLIES. This week we discuss with the children various ways of dealing with bullies using both verbal and physical strategies.

WEEK 4.        HOME WORK. Finally this month we discuss the importance of prioritising tasks. Homework may not be fun but lets get it done and out of the way. Also lets do the best job we can.

The subjects covered this month are designed to make the transition back to school easier for our students. Please help us by participating and re-enforcing these subjects outside of the dojo.

Sensei Hezie

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Recruiting NOW

Message from Sensei Jo


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Testimonial from Sara - A students perspective

You dont have to be strong and fast to defend yourself from the dangerous people you can encounter on the streets, in pubs or those uninvited kind you may get in your own home. Although the shudokan dojo promotes fitness by holding monthly fitness tests and class drills  there is more to this martial art than muscles. Its a thinking persons choice.  In addition to the physical training, you will learn valuable survival skills such as how to read body language, the importance of keeping a positive mental attitude when threatened with a sharp knife, and how to best get out of countless varieties of threatening situations. Its an excellent way to keep fit and learn something that could save your life.

IF you train diligently in the art of Aikido, you will have the potentially lifesaving skills you need to survive in an unpredictable world.

Its about powerful techniques that get their explosive energy from being relaxed, alert and using your enemies strength against them instead of using your own. 

Other martial arts teach that in order to win a fight you must be the strongest.  But strength is limited.  If you are at a natural disadvantage, for example if you are tired, elderly, injured or female then your strength will not be enough against a 18 stone attacker for example. In addition, other martial arts focus on training that will prepare you for a one on one fight. You may also encounter aggresive individuals when you are out with your family.  You would not want to run away from this situation, and Aikido provides multi attacker training that could potentially save you and your familys life.

This is why Aikido is such a universal martial art. It can be used with great effect regardless of the age or gender of the practitioner. Aikidos founder, Morehi uesheba was 90 years old, yet it seemed that with just the flick of his wrist or a slight shift in his hips, he could launch just about anyone across his dojo. 

How? Come see us and find out.

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British Aikido Board National course


I will be teaching at the BAB National Course on Sat 9th of October. Please support the event, speak at reception for more details, or click the link above. 

Don’t forget the FREE ladies safety and awareness course on Thursday 19th August, all welcome bring friends family and work colleges. Guys your welcome to come also, after all the ladies need someone to throw around. Wear your Gi or street clothes if you like. The course will be an even balance between application of body language and psychology and physical movement. Fitness is not a pre-requisite. 

For our juniors the badges of the month are “awesome effort” Fill in a quest to be the best sheet, and “forward rolling” need to demonstrate good rolling left and right. If you already have these, check out the badge board for any others you may want to go for. 

Kids when on holiday send us a postcard to go in a raffle to win a prize. Also take an Aikido picture of you on holiday for another raffle and another prize. 

Did you know that we have Shudokan Aikido schools in; 

Nottingham, West Bridgford, Mansfield, Lincoln, Preston, Oxford, Barnstaple, Exeter and Braunton. 

If you’re travelling around or on holiday near and of these places pop in, you will be welcomed. Osu

Sensei Ken

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August at a glance


Training focus for the week commencing 9th August is :

Mon     Sankajo

Tue     Kokyu Ho

Wed     Kotegaeshi

Thu     Hijiate/Hijishimae

Fri     Yonkajo

Sat     Shomen Iriminage

The week commencing 16th August is grade specific curriculum and the week commencing 23rd is testing week. Remember you need a minimum of 8 tags to test.

We still need a few more volunteers for our charity free fall parachute jum, please give names at reception. On Tuesday 17th at 7.30 our resident free fall student Bruce will give us a short presentation and demonstarate the equipment we will use, we will also show a short video. If you are interested come along.

FREE Ladies safety and awareness course to be held at the Shudokan Black Belt Academy on Thursday 19 Aug 6.30 start for 1 hour 15 mins. The course will cover tips to stay safe, use of body language and psychology and physical strategies to remain safe. Bring a friends familyn work colligues; male friends are ideal as practicing with a male partner does make things a little more realistic. Call 0115 9856504 for details or visit us at The Shudokan teaches Aikido nation wide as well as in Nottingham. Aikido is a non violent Martial Art often used by police forces world wide as a self defence system. The Shudokan Black belt Academy is sport England recognised and Clubmark accredited.

On Fri 20th we have our Junior summer school, Dragons in the morning and Juniors in the afternoon. Good luck to Jacob Cardwell who is testing to Junior Shodan

Social event planned for Fri 27th Start time is straight after the adlut lesson venue to be notified.

Birthdays wishes to the following students for the month of August

Oli Frammingham, Gareth Moss, James Dallas, Ellie Stopper, Mandy Morrell, Simon Taylor, Madison Sheffield, Thomas Hyde, Sarah Cassidy, Nathan Bradshaw, Krystan Kolacz, Mohamed Alasow, Dylan Price Cooke, David Evans, Ella Mae o ‘ Brien, Asha Chambers, Thomas Varley, Peter Kerr, Zein Azad, Egan Caine, Joseph Cardwell, Joseph McElhone, Scott Allen, Zyron Boulton, James Forward, Aaron Barks, Fraser Jackson Pinder, Nyara Jammeh, Richard Evans, Ashleigh Davis Lynch, Katie Perna and Ian Saunders.

Have a great birthday

Qute of the week

Never give in! Never give in! Never, never, never, never — in nothing great or small, large or petty. Never give in except to convictions of honor and good sense.

Winston Churchill


See you on the Mat

Sensei Ken Robson

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Awesome Event

I have just taken our guests back to the airport following a fantastic Summer school. Both Sensei Mustard and Sensei Thambu were impressed with the standard and the spirit shown in training. A big thank you to all who supported the event with a special thanks to those who helped lay and stack 400 mats. Congratulations to Ken Gutman from Nottingham, Jeri Seidl, Peter Slater and Tom Clare from Preston, Louie Resnick from West Bridgford and Ayman Nassar from Exeter who were all promoted to shodan. Congratulations to JT from Nottingham who tested to Nidan and to Phil Musson from West Bridgford who did a great job testing to Yondan. The dates for next year’s summer school will be from Thursday 28th to Sunday 31st July. The venue will be at Sensei Phil Mussons dojo in West Bridgford. Places will be limited to 100 on a strictly first come first served basis. Summer School videos coming shortly.

Osu Sensei Ken

The pictures were kindly provided by Pete Jenkins

To find out more about Martial Arts and Aikido in Nottingham contact


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Summer School is upon us

Dont forget the dojo is closed from Fri 30th Jul to Mon 2NDnd Aug inclusive. Summer school starts at 09:00 on Friday at the 

Jesse Boot Wildcats Arena, Greenwood Road, Nottingham, Nottinghamshire NG3 7EB. Black Belt testing is on Fri starting at 17:30. Our guests have arrived, Sensei Mustard and Thambu and are really looking forward to the event.

See you on the mat


Sensei Ken

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There is no mandatory regulation placed on Martial Arts tuition in the UK. As such the quality of tuition and the standard of service can vary widely. Often poor service is tolerated simply because people don’t know any different.  Self appointed chief instructors and masters have free range to do as they wish. Recognition by foreign bodies is absolutely no guarantee of the standards and quality on offer, or that systems are in place to ensure the welfare and safety of students.

CLUBMARK Accreditation guarantees stringent standards have both been met and maintained. Standards set and recognised by SPORT ENGLAND.

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